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commission terms and conditions

last updated: 2023/11/26


commission clients must be at least 18 years of age, regardless of commission content


for commissions taken under the ‘moult’ name:

these lists are not exhaustive. i try not to decline or cancel commissions without good reason, but i reserve the right to do so, including for reasons not listed above

if you’re in doubt whether i’ll draw something, please ask, i will not take offence!


i will quote a price for your commission once i’ve received your request and confirmed enough detail. this price is not negotiable

payment is upfront, before i begin work. once we’ve agreed details and price and i’m ready to begin, i will invoice you via paypal at the address you’ve provided. this may not happen right away, depending on what else is in the queue


the progress of your commission can be tracked at the task board. (the board’s phases refer to what needs to be done next, not what is happening right now - so your commission may sit in one phase for a while alongside other comms because i am working on something else or want to review with fresh eyes the next day)

i will supply a sketch for your approval. i can make one round of changes to this sketch. once approved, i will then finish the piece (to the degree of finish you have specified)

i will turn your piece around within two weeks at most of taking payment. if i can’t meet that, i will contact you to discuss the next steps

i aim to respond to emails within 24 hours during the working week (monday to friday). please note that i am on GMT/BST


if, once i’ve revised the sketch, you’re not happy to proceed, you can cancel, and i will refund you for the steps not yet done. (for example, if you cancel what would have been a full-colour piece at the sketch stage, i will refund you $56 - $24 = $32)

if for any reason i have to cancel a commission, a full refund will be given. other refunds cannot be given


when commissioning me to draw a character, you confirm that you are the owner of that character, or have explicit permission to have them drawn. the rights to the character remain with the owner

i keep the copyright on the artwork, and reserve the right to reproduce it (e.g. in my gallery, social media, promotional material); but i won’t use commissioned artwork for my profit (e.g. selling prints or portfolios) without getting your explicit permission

commissions are for your personal use. provided you credit me as the artist, you can:

you may not:

if in doubt about a usage, please ask. i can do commissions for commercial projects, but different terms and rates apply; please contact me to discuss it